Enactus Opening Round of Competition

League C

Step 1
Watch the Judge Training Video

Step 2
Watch + Evaluate the Presentations

A. Open your Judge Handbook (using Adobe Reader) and scroll to first green Individual Team Evaluation Form.

B. Download and review each team’s report, then watch their video presentation and Q&A. The Q&A should automatically play after the presentation. If you have any technical concerns, please email the Enactus Canada representative who sent your judge instructions.

C. Repeat this process for all teams.

Queen’s University

University of Toronto – Mississauga

Trent University

St. Clair College

University of British Columbia – Vancouver

Step 3
Rank the Teams

A. Your assessments will automatically transfer to the yellow Cumulative Evaluation Form at the end of your Judge Handbook. Using these as a guide, rank the teams using the form below.

B. Send your completed Judge Handbook to the Enactus Canada representative who sent you your judge instructions so we can share your feedback with the teams.

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